Pushing the back door boundary



  • fredlessfredless Silver Member Posts: 2,842

    Have you tried laying on your back with your ass half off the bed and your husband standing--your legs up on his shoulders? I've recently had some overwhelming success with that position.
  • CallmeCatCallmeCat DownsouthSilver Member Posts: 236
    @fredless no we haven't tried that position, it's great for piv for sure maybe we will give that a whirl.
  • fredlessfredless Silver Member Posts: 2,842
    And let me add...lots of coconut oil
  • SlipangleSlipangle MichiganSilver Member Posts: 1,544
    You're trying entirely to use variations on being taken from behind. That could well be the wrong angle. My wife likes it in her ass using missionary position, I just move my dick down.

    Early on we tried it once with her on top but it didn't work either, and doggy style didn't work.  However once we started doing anal in missionary position, we tried it once with her on top and it worked great.

    Point being I think you need to try another angle, once you get something to work I think it gets easier to relax and you get a certain confidence making other positions easier. 

    I mean, you can get a dildo in without pain right? If so then a dick should be no problem once you get the angle figured out. 


  • RedPillRonRedPillRon New York CityGold Men Posts: 642
    Also, please remember to use the right type and the correct amount of Lubrication. For the folks that use Coconut oil I salute you. I have always found it to be absorbed to quickly to be used as Anal lube without quick reapplication. If you are able to tolerate it, Silicone based Lubes are really ideal for Anal sex.
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