What is the hang-up some women have about BJTC?



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    And that's exactly where you need to practice OI. Otherwise driving her away further will happen.

    Takes superhero type mental strength in that situation but you totally got it.

    oops. Quote didn't work. That was from the last page
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    Now, if you made it through all of that, I have a question/need some advice.  Last week for Steak & BJ day, the actual BJ took about 20 minutes.  There was foreplay, and teasing leading up to the start, but when she actually started the BJ, it was about 20 minutes until the TC.  For my birthday, it was almost 40 minutes until the TC part.

    I had previously mentioned her being able to finish one in 5-10 minutes before, and that being a repeatable experience.  I think a big issue for my wife is the time i takes to reach TC.  Let me be clear, she gives a great BJ.  I'm in heaven almost 100% of the time.  In the past, she has not taken even the slightest bit of feedback (beyond my indications of pleasure, etc. during the act) well at all.  

    So any suggestions to leading her to working on her technique/trying new things, learning etc. to hopefully get to a consistent quick finish?

    Or am I just one of those guys who is going to take 30 minutes most of the time?

    It could be several things. As @MrsSmith already mentiond it could be Low-T. Easy to test.

    Or it could be you being stressed, distracted, or something similar.
    Back in my single days I had a FWB that I used to see every few months. Most of the time I was able to make her cum in 5-10 minutes through cunnilingus, but once I went down on her for an hour (she actually noticed the time when we started and when she finally came on her alarm clock). She attributed it to being stressed from work. The next time she came quickly again.
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    frillyfun said:
    If you just went no FAP that could be the reason the last BJ took a while.  It takes a while for your brain to reset, and it does make things tougher for a while.  

    My experience has been the opposite. When I FAPped regularly, I had DE not just with BJs but with PIV. In those days BJs would take 10 or 20 mins and I could tell my wife was getting frustrated (jaws aching, etc.).

    I went no FAP starting three months ago. Ever since then, BJs take one or two minutes and BLAM I'm done. For that matter I'm having trouble not coming too quickly with PIV. Kinda gone from DE to PE.

    One of the most interesting aspects of going no FAP was I lost ALL interest in the FAP fantasies that used to occupy considerable mental bandwidth. I only think about wife now... and I think about her A LOT.

    Seems like my brain didn't need a reset, but my penis got reset from "desensitized" to "supersensitive".
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    I've never minded giving a BJTC, but one of my 127 former husbands put me off them.

    One of his most common swears was "You cocksucker!" He wouldn't say this in the hearing of "You", but I would hear my then husband say it frequently and picked up that he thought sucking cock was an awful thing for someone to do.

    I did confront him on this, and he stopped using that swear ... but by then the damage was done.

    Size and taste are big deterrents to many women. Wash a cucumber and try deep throating it; you'll understand the size issue. And if you masturbate, taste your own semen. As they say "it's an acquired taste."
    I hear women tell guys to do a taste test but you know that's completely unreasonable right? Ain't no way that's happening. Is it really an aquire taste? I guess women have it made they always seem to taste good.

    But they say pineapple works wonders. OP do you smoke? That will screw up your taste really bad. Google things to make you taste better.
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    Wife here, I am willing to give my husband BJs, but don't really like doing it until completion for a number of reasons. Sometimes his cum tastes funny, my mouth can hurt because either my mouth is small or he's too big, and he generally smells bad and tastes funny down there. So, here's my advice if it's either of those three issues. Take a shower or just freshen up down there beforehand for the last issue. For the first two she could start with a BJ and you could finish with sex or do a mix of a HJ and a BJ and cum in a rag or something.
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