Ladies: Talk to me about 'Partial Orgasms'



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    UnBetaMe said:
    How do you wear your algos? 

    Ironically, I actually was wearing my "2+2=5, for extremely large values of 2" t-shirt last night.  
    My four year old happily informed my dad the other day that 2+2=4 and he answered 'not always.'

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    UnBetaMe said:
    So W has been having more orgasms and they taking less time, on average, to achieve.

    However, once in a while she comments about her orgasm being only a 'Partial orgasm'.
    I can't distinguish between them. At least not yet. She says I'm not the reason because I keep going until she is completely done... which is normally what helps her.

    I'm not sure if it is 'cycle' related or not.

    So, not all orgasms are created equal. Any advice?
    Wife here, I have this happen to me plenty of the time whenever I come from penetration alone and not clitoral stimulation. I don't know what sort of stimulation is going on when your wife is having these issues but I know sometimes I can have an orgasm that is like a partial orgasm. It's less satisfying physically and emotionally than a full one, but I'm pretty sure it's neither parties fault. I don't think it's cycle related either because it happens to me all the time not just sometimes. I think it might have to do with either the way she best achieves orgasm or based on the amount of sex drive she has at that point in time. Cause I know with a vibrator and orgasming from clitoral stimulation always gives me a full orgasm and is completely satisfying. The most satisfying being with a partner with penetration and the vibrator. I do find that some days I feel like emotionally I want to be close to my husband and have sex and those are the days I tend to have the most issues with orgasming or having only partial ones while the days where I feel like I'll go crazy if I don't get some sexual satisfaction is the days when I orgasm more completely and feel more satisfied.
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    UnBetaMe said:
    frillyfun said:
    Are you feeling her contractions during/after you have your O inside her?  Semen can cause those contractions.

    Is she a one, and done kind of gal, or do you think she'd be receptive to using a vibe on her after?
    She needs to use the vibe to get there in the first place, so she is in control of the process of gettinger hers.

    She seems to be a one and done type of gal, but she is also having about twice as many orgasms as she did last year with me... and they seem to be easier to achieve.

    I usually wait for her contractions in order to release my own. Sometimes I don't time it exactly right, but last night I waited until she was done.

    I'm wondering if perhaps the issue might be more mental and about trust from what has been said here. I know the only way I ever orgasm from penetration alone is while being on top. Which I'm pretty sure has to do with me needing to be in control due to mental based issues of mine. Maybe trying out different positions or seeing some sort of therapist can help her sort out her issues and help in the bedroom?
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