Question regarding DLV/Mast/ sex

PaladinPaladin USASilver Member Posts: 88
Quick question for the masses. My wife, in the last month is into watching me masturbate to her. This popped up recently, almost as recent as me running my MAP. Like she gets way way turned on by it, and it usually ends up with me still finishing in her with PIV, but she likes to start off with me doing that. I somewhat feel like this is DLV for some reason. She especially wants me to do it when going down on her, which works, but she has asked to watch me... that normal and is it DLV kinda?  Not sure if thats the word i am looking for, but I guess if it gets her off and wet, why wouldnt i do it? But for some reason, when I do, I feel a pullback in myself.. 


  • frillyfunfrillyfun East PodunkGold Women Posts: 3,386
    Definitely not a DLV to let her know you're attracted to her.  I know masturbation is kind of taboo, and something we're taught to hide, so I can understand your hangup.

    A guy confidently handling his business because he's so turned on by his wife can be HOT as hell.

  • PaladinPaladin USASilver Member Posts: 88
    Glad to hear I am not alone. DOnt get me wrong, I am all in with it, I just wanted to make sure it wasnt DLVing myself while i work on me. But she is in to it, so i am game. And it gets her going. 

  • CallmeCatCallmeCat DownsouthSilver Member Posts: 236
    You know I get why your asking, I have done this on my husband's request on occasionally but once I asked to use this male attachment to our vibrator,you basically insert the penis into a rubber type tube and it vibrates it and he was pretty reluctant to do it and I said why not you are always wanting me to do this while you watch and you use a bunch of toys on me so fair is fair so he finally gave in but not without resistance. It didn't last long as he said he felt like he was going to cum too fast but I was getting into it just enjoying the sight of his pleasure. I really would not have minded if he did but he is one and done at this point so he didn't want our session to be over. Then I said well I want to peg you one of these days and he says no way. I guess now I get the boundary pushing haha. I am sure he just did not feel manly Alpha while I was doing that to him, and to me I would have been more turned on if he would have just owned it.
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