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Not a really serious question, but just something I wanted to get opinions on. Men singing in church, is it alpha, beta, or neither? I was at a Christmas event last night and noticed a bunch of guys not singing, while I on the other hand was. Could singing be consider alpha if you are good at it since it means you are comfortable with who you are and don't care what other think? Or is not singing more alpha since it strikes a rebel "I'm my own man" vibe and singing is culturally a feminine attribute thee days. It won't change my habits, but I was just curious. I suppose the question could be expanded to include all church related activities...
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  • ABGuyABGuy EARTHSilver Member Posts: 637

    Depends on the eye of the beholder, I guess?

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    My husband sings in church - I think I see it as kind of alpha. He is confident and doing something he enjoys and not worrying about anyone else's opinion. I enjoy seeing and hearing him. (Plus, he drowns out my voice which is good because I like to sing along even though I can't carry a tune in a bucket! lol)
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    It's Alpha.

    Especially if you're the worship leader....

    ...which if I had known at the time.  >:)

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    A man who can sing, and sing well, gains a +1, maybe even +2 SR for me.  Seriously.  I can sing, and if I sing in harmony with a man, I can all but feel my attraction level rising.  There are just no words for how attractive that is to me.  It's one of the greatest laments I have about my husband.  He can't sing on key to save his soul.  Can't match a note on the piano with his voice.  About the only thing he can pull off is Ramstein or Type O Negative, lol . 

    He of course knows this about me, so I haven't sung along with anyone but my brothers in years. 
    So yeah, Strong voice=Alpha. 

  • LovelyLaurenLovelyLauren Member Posts: 143
    My husband has the best bass voice. He does a great Johnny Cash and I love to hear him sing, in the shower, at church, with the radio. I think the fact that he's totally confident really helps, but his voice is a really large attraction factor for me. 

    Really, I wish I could keep up with him. I'm quite musical instrument-wise and I can sing in parts, but my voice is average at best. 

    So yeah, singing well is sexy. 
  • NotelracNotelrac Member Posts: 3,517
    I can barely hold a tune with both hands and a grappling hook.  But I get studly points with my wife because of the enthusiasm with which I belt out the songs along with everyone else.


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    I think it can be alpha, especially the one leading, like Athol said, or if someone sings a solo well.  You don't do it to be alpha.  You do it to praise God. 

    Is doing alpha just to be alpha rather than it's because of who you are less alpha than doing something naturally?
  • longnecklongneck Silver Member Posts: 389
    It isn't alpha but it leans that way.  A super-beta isn't going to want to stand in front of everyone.  But there are some guys that sing at my church that I don't see as alpha.
  • pastorgeekpastorgeek Dodgeville, WI. USASilver Member Posts: 752
    Athol_Kay said:

    It's Alpha.

    Especially if you're the worship leader....

    Not as alpha as being the pastor and leading worship! :-) Mrs. Geek gets quite excited by the combination.

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  • BoxxerBoxxer Member Posts: 34
    if you have kids, its always Alpha to lead your family.
    just like driving the car, deciding when it's time to leave./go somewhere..  you're in charge. (especially of you)
  • BoxxerBoxxer Member Posts: 34
    longneck said:
    It isn't alpha but it leans that way.  A super-beta isn't going to want to stand in front of everyone.  But there are some guys that sing at my church that I don't see as alpha.
    Yeah, I've known a few of those!   
  • Hamster_FreeHamster_Free presentSilver Member Posts: 1,160
    Hey fellas, din't worry if you can't sing that well...look at Rex Harrison...he talked through all his songs!

    Seriously, though, @Mona is dead on--a singin man is sexy. A Singin man who'll sing harmony with you is bordering on divine.
  • ArlequinArlequin inSaneDiegoSilver Member Posts: 1,391
    Singing in church is crazy Alpha, especially if you cantor (solo).
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    My husband loves singing in church, but he will also adamantly not sing if he thinks the song is inappropriate. We were visiting a church with his great aunt on Memorial Day. The Battle Hymn of the Republic is NOT sacred music  :-O  Being southerners we're not even sure it counts as music period though.

    (Also, can I just say that I wouldn't blame a man for not singing those "Jesus is my boyfriend" type praise choruses. Dude singing "I want to touch your face"..........meh. But that's just me. I like old fuddy duddy music played with violin and electric bass.)
  • HeSedSheSedHeSedSheSed AmericaSilver Member Posts: 67
    I think it is Alpha.  I appreciate a man that fully engages in church.
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